Where can I be treated?

According to the the Swedish Patientlagen, everyone has the right to choose CoreTherm® treatment, even if the home hospital cannot offer this treatment. You have the right to request treatment from another care provider if it cannot be offered nearby. Your home county council pays for the treatment via a national election referral.

In case of urination problems, you should consult your family doctor for an initial assessment. In the event of more pronounced complaints, a referral is issued to a urologist. In some places in the country you can turn directly to a urologist. It is important to get the right diagnosis. Once you have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the urologist will explain the various treatment options available. CoreTherm® can be an option that suits you best.

CoreTherm® treatments are currently performed in hospitals and clinics in Sweden, the Nordic countries and around the world.

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Vill du bli undersökt för att se om CoreTherm® värmebehandling är något för dig?

Boka tid hos Capio Urologi i Solna
Adress: Postgången 53, Solna centrum
Telefonnummer: 08-41 07 26 30
Telefontid: måndag-torsdag: 07:00-13:45 fredag: 07:00-09:00


Boka tid hos Urologifocus i Stockholm
Adress: Storängsvägen 10, 11542 Stockholm
Telefonnummer: 08-12 15 82 20
Telefontid: måndag-torsdag 08:00-15:00 fredag 08:00-12:00
(lunchstängt mellan 12:00-13:00)


Boka tid hos Specialistläkargruppen i Kalmar
Adress: Skeppsbrogatan 47, 39231 Kalmar
Telefonnummer: 0480–25788
Telefontid: måndag-fredag 08:00-09:30 måndag-torsdag 14:30-15:30


Boka tid hos Dr. Håkan Ageheim på Läkarhuset Hötorgscity  

– ingen remiss behövs
Adress: Sveavägen 13, 3 TR, 11157 Stockholm
Telefonnummer: 08 – 122 10 313
Telefontid: lunchstängt mellan 12:00-13:00

ProstaLund is a Swedish medtech company, a leader in the development of innovative urology products and treatments. ProstaLund has patented CoreTherm®, customised thermal treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
CoreTherm® is currently being used in hospitals and clinics in Sweden and around the world.
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